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I'm happy to share a few testimonials with you from people who have attended a Steve Weisberg concert. Thanks to all the fans who make the music come alive. To find out more about attending a Steve Weisberg concert and listening to some John Denver classics (along with hearing some great stories), check out the current calendar or let me know where you'd like to see me play here.

Note from Steve: "Most events were a mix of me telling stories and playing.  These certainly don’t require that you be a musician!  Just that you want to know more about John.  Some of the events were all music, by special request of players who just wanted to jam.” 
Steve Weisberg


"The evening we spent with you opened a whole new image of John Denver, one seen through the eyes of someone who worked and spun the music side by side with John.  You told a lot of behind-the-scenes stories that have never been written (and will probably never hit the printed page).  We all felt as if the Spirit of John Denver were somewhere just hovering nearby and we all hung on every anecdote and story.  Your music reminded so many of us of our youth, of love, and those golden years of acoustical excellence that the 1970's produced, when popular music was music for everyone and artists like you and John were its apostles.  No one dared to sit quietly and not sing out and sing along that night! 

Hope to see you back in Alabama again soon,"

Andy and Amy Blackstock, Opp and Birmingham, Alabama

"Steve Weisberg's Backstage Pass is an incredibly entertaining event. As a singer/songwriter, I can be pretty skeptical about someone's "tribute shows". Backstage pass is way more than a tribute to John Denver, not only is Steve a wonderful story teller, singer and guitar player, but he engages the audience into a fun-filled, participation journey. I hope he comes back to Alabama soon!"

Jilda Watson

"My friend and I attended one of Steve's Jam Sessions, and had the time of our life! We came as fans, left as friends. The music, stories, smiles, and laughter from that afternoon will live with me forever. Thank you, Steve!"

Jolynn Bales, Indianapolis, IN.

"Last year I had the good fortune to hear from a friend that Steve was offering these small group sessions in Aspen. I jumped at the chance to join in. 'Christmas For Cowboys ' has always been one of my favorite songs and it was such a treat to play it with Steve. The sessions are a combination of jamming and story telling. Playing and listening. Music and verbal history. The time just goes so fast. This is no odd ball JD adoration or expose. Just a chance to play some of John's great music with one who admired John and played it with him. So, find out where Steve is going to be and get signed up. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend time with one who was there. Dust off your JD cd's and get ready to have an enjoyable and unique experience."

Alan Nelson, Redstone, CO.

"I attended a session in 2011 and it was great. Steve played to perfection. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. It's well worth the cost."

Sue K, repeat ‘customer’


"As an avid guitar player and longtime John Denver fan, I am very fortunate to call Steve Weisberg, my friend. When Steve and I first met, I was very humbled - not in the sense of him as a 'tour de force' guitar player, but rather by his sense of kindness, modesty and warmheartedness as a human being. Steve Weisberg is back were he belongs - on stage, as a world class guitarist. I love him as a musician and as a person."

Niall P. Markey

Note from Steve: "This particular event was all music…no stories. A group of guitarists just wanted to play with me” 
Steve Weisberg

"I've done three of these events so far and every one of them has been unique, different, memorable and a great experience. As a guitarist, I've always focused on the musician sessions. As a John Denver specialist on guitar since my teenage years in the 1970s, the opportunity to actually sit in the same room and get to jam with the great Steve Weisberg, John's lead guitarist from his heyday in the mid-70s, back in 2010 was awesome; a dream come true. What I didn't expect was what a great guy Steve turned out to be; artistic, funny, perceptive, down-to-earth, and an utter joy to be around. An even bigger surprise was to leave the first session and realize I'd made a new friend. Music aside, that's been the best part for me personally. I highly recommend these unique opportunities to anyone who loved John's music or who just wants a good time talking face-to-face with Steve Weisberg in an informal setting. If you're not a musician but still love the music, drop on in and let Steve play you songs and tell you his fascinating stories of being on the road with John. If you're a Denver fan, you will absolutely love it. It's an experience you can't afford to miss. I plan to keep going back for more. Hope to see you there!"

Edward Stowers, Newport News, VA.

"I've had such great times attending Steve’s Weisberg’s sessions. (I’m a repeat customer!) Steve is passionate, energetic and funny! He’s so easy to be around and to talk to. And what a thrill to be able to play a couple of John’s songs accompanied by Steve … (I still can’t believe that part!) The memories Steve shares about his time with John and the band are priceless! Not only will you meet Steve Weisberg, you’ll leave the session as friends. If you get the chance, don’t miss it!"

Mark Williamson, Newport News, VA.

"I walked into the room nervous and somewhat in awe of this man who had spent many hours with John Denver, who's music helped me through much in my life. I was quickly put at ease and in turn found a friend in Steve. He took us on a journey of his life and John's life and how they intersected for a time and most importantly how they spoke a common language most people speak through music. I will treasure those few hours we spent with Steve forever, but more so will value the friendship that came out of it. Spend an amazing afternoon with Steve Weisberg!"

Kim Horn

"Enjoyed a great time in Steve's company as he shared music, memories and fun anecdotes from good times he enjoyed on the road with the late, great John Denver."

Christine Moon, Leicester, UK.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed of the first '' an audience with '' Steve Weisberg.. Your stories of life on the road with John Denver, were enthralling and I so enjoyed listening to them... It was so nice to have just a few JD fans in the room with yourself and hearing stories and listening to you play...."

Carole Thompson, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

"I attended the Roy Rivers John Denver Tribute Concert at Red Rocks in June 2010 where I had the honor to meet Steve Weisberg. I decided that evening to participate in Steve's session the next day. It was the best day of my life sharing hours of music and story telling; that day will forever stay in my memory! I am hoping to attend another one soon as it is a most wonderful experience not to be missed."

Cheyenne Bradley