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Curtis Griffy - Owner

Let me give you a little background about myself so that you can have some knowledge of the owner of Griffy & Associates. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from PURDUE University. While I pursued this degree, I pushed myself in my studies to make PURDUE'S Dean's List 5 time. This is not an easy feat, but my desire to perform my absolute best is shown by getting the distinguished honor to make PURDUE'S Dean's List. Over the course of my degree, I learned many computer programming languages. During my electronics career, I chose to add web site programming to my skill set to use to help small businesses.

Part of my career in the electronics field was spent at Motorola. Here I was taught by the masters and inventors of Six Sigma methods to improve Quality, Cost and Customer Satisfaction. One of the projects that I lead, was a team from manufacturing to go after an solve a problem in manufacturing that plagued the product from the first prototypes. My team using the Six Sigma tools completely eliminated the problem saving the company $100,000's of rework/scrap costs. In internal Motorola problem solving competitions, our team was chosen to represent the Radius Division for week long World Six Sigma Team meetings knowledge sharing in Maui, Hawaii.

In 2005, I chose to pursue a Masters in Science in Management in Project Management from Colorado Technical University. As usual, I pursued this degree with my passion for excellence. This paid off by being rewarded by an overall GPA of 3.94 out of 4.0 when I graduated in 2007.

Next, I chose to pursue getting the global PMP certification from the Project Management Institute. I was granted the certification on November 28, 2008. My PMP certification number is 497326.

As you can see, performing as the average person is not who I am nor will Griffy & Associates. I am passionate about keeping costs in line and pursuing excellence. Griffy & Associates does not settle for second best. We stop pursuing perfection on your project, when you say the product meets your needs.