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STOP!!!! Do not hire just any web site design company!

Our mission is to provide small business/organization professional, affordable effective web sites and emarketing.

Are you familiar with the web site lingo?

Do you know what a meta tag is?

Click here for my FREE web site term dictionary to help you understand webmaster terminology.

Is the web site company that you are speaking with willing to teach you how to make simple updates to your web site? We will.

When you take the class on how to start a business at the Small Business Association, they tell you need an address for your company, a phone number and a website. Griffy & Associates knows the start up cost for a business can be significant. Griffy & Associates desires to work with you to launch your new business with a website design at a fair market price, provide financing for the design and hosting of your web site at Zero interest.

How many email accounts do you need for your business? Do you want to pay extra for email accounts? Do you have to pay for email accounts? Why? Griffy & Associates can set up email accounts for you at a nominal cost - FREE. I can teach YOU how to set up and manage your email accounts. I had a client that paid about $125 for email accounts. When I learned he was doing this, I put an end to it this expense with my service.

Griffy & Associates is passionate about giving your company web presence and is passionate in supporting charities both financially and by adding a link to our website for charities that support environmental and humanitarian causes.

Pick up your phone or send and email so that we can start developing a business relationship to create a web site for your new or existing business.

Curtis Griffy, PMP, MSM
Griffy & Associates
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Hastings MN 55033

Telephone: 651-

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